Ahhh, so I see your interested in knowing a little more about Voice Over?


I am guessing your thinking, "Well, to do Voice Over you must have a great voice right?"


Well, the fact of the matter is, a great voice, or a unique voice, may help in some situations, however it’s not just about the voice. 


What it really takes is the passion to learn how to professionally read and act behind a microphone.  Just like an Actor on Stage or Screen who is playing a role using body and facial expressions and movement in order to fulfill the direction of the part, you have to perform the same in Voice Over.  Except, ready for it?

Nobody can see you!


"Well, how do you do that?"you ask.  That my new friend is the part you have to find on the inside. 


If it’s advice you want, I am here to help or advise any way I can. 

That’s a whole part of the “Pay It Forward Group.”


Voice Over is an extremely competitive industry and there are many colleague’s I admire who will tell you if you really want to pursue Voice Over, get ready to do some hard work. 


You will need to seek out the right Coaches, reputable Voice Actors, Actors, Speech Pathologists, and Recording Professionals who can help you start a career in the wonderful world of Voice Over Acting. 

Oh, and be weary of those who make it sound simple.  The art of Voice Over is not simple and no, not everyone can do it just because you have a voice.  Yes, everyone with a voice can do it, but only those with a true passion will do what it takes to succeed!


Feel free to reach out anytime for more information or advice.


 Maybe One Day “You’ll Do The Talking.”


All My Best…